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Conroe TX Day care: Language development in your child

Posted on 01-08-2015


Parents are not always aware of how rapidly and effectively a young child can learn language. They may simply assume that a young child does not understand since the child does not verbally respond. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Conroe, Texas, is here to clarify this with great insight into daycare, preschool and child care at home.

We will take a closer look at your child’s language skills and how you can aid in the development during the early years.

A universal understanding

Every child is born with an innate understanding of communication. This does not necessarily mean that your child can understand every word you say. However, he or she can certainly understand tone and visual communications. Although your child may still be too young to actually talk, he or she will understand when you are angry, sad, excited or even tired. The fact is that almost any daycare or preschool child can learn sign language, even prior to being able to talk. A child has the ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of communication, even if the mouth movements and sounds do not follow suit.

Mastery through patterns

By simply listening and communicating nonverbally, your child will learn the intricate patterns of your language, and dramatically learns more about it each day. You will observe your child beginning to use less nonverbal communications, and begin building a vast vocabulary. A child will gain an average of a new word every two hours. You can promote these language skills, and help your child gain a real mastery of language during these early years.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Conroe, Texas is always excited to bring you great insights, hoping to help parents with effective early child care development. If you are seeking a preschool environment that far exceeds any average daycare, then simply contact us to learn about our excellent child care services, and our exclusive Brain WavesTM Curriculum.

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